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Finding Resources

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The majority of the printed books in Special Collections are catalogued on the OneSearch Library catalogue.

TIP: You can refine your search to individual collections by choosing the name of the collection from the drop-down menu under Location on the left-hand-side.

For those collections, that are not yet catalogued, there are printed catalogues and classification schemes available to download or to consult in the Reading Room. There are also spreadsheets listing some of the archival holdings, available to download below, to help identify material in the archives. If you identify a particular area of interest or are having trouble finding what you're looking for, please email with the details to make an appointment.

Unfortunately, due to limited staffing, we can only spend a short period of time on individual enquiries and are unable to offer a paid research service, but you are welcome to make an appointment to visit.


Liverpool Hope Collections

Special Collections History material (uncatalogued)

Andrew F. Walls Centre

Andrew F. Walls Centre (AWC) Classification & Index

Andrew F. Walls Centre (AWC) Ephemera listing by Organisation

Worldwide Evangelisation Crusade (WEC) Archive - List of Countries

Church Missionary Society Archive

Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society Archive

Gradwell Collection

Gradwell Collection Classification

Gradwell Local History Bibliography

UNITAPES [Upholland Northern Institute] Lectures (digital downloads)

Radcliffe Collection

Radcliffe Collection catalogue

Talbot Library

Talbot Library Classification

Talbot Library Irish Studies Collection

Talbot Library Irish pamphlets listing

Catholic Truth Society (CTS) pamphlets listing

Talbot Library Music Catalogue

Foundation Colleges' Archives

S. Katharine's College Archive

S. Katharine's College slides

Our Lady's Training College Archive

Other Archives

Militant Tendency, 1980s Liverpool Newspaper Archive

Archbishop Stuart Blanch Archive

Formby CND Archive catalogue

John Henry Newman Personal Papers

Lois Loudon Papers

R.S. Peters Archive

Useful information

Not sure where to find a book in Special Collections? Check the SWL Special Collections Map.