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Maximum DSA Allowance

For full-time undergraduate students in 2014/15, the maximum Disabled Students Allowances (DSA) are as follows:

Non-medical helper allowance, up to £20,725 (per year)

This pays for academic support workers such as dyslexia study skills coach, note-taker, mobility assistant, library support, sign language interpreter, sighted guide.

Specialist equipment £5,212 (for the entire course)

This pays for equipment to support you with your studies, such as a digital voice recorder, computer, specialist ­software, adjustable desk / chair.

General Allowance £1,741 (per year)

This pays items such as: insurance for equipment, additional textbooks, printer ink cartridges.

Travel Allowance

This pays for extra travel costs incurred on the course due to a disability, e.g. contribution toward taxis (if travel expenses are not covered by disability benefits).

The DSA may also pay other expenses, such as the additional cost of suitable accommodation to meet a disability-related need.

Postgraduate students receive a single Disabled Students’ Allowance of up to £10,362 for all of the above expenses.

Please note that the support listed above is an illustration only. The DSA awarded is based on individual need. All recommended support has to be justified in relation to both your disability / dyslexia and course requirements.