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About the resources

Interacting with Sound Shapes provides a fun way of introducing electroacoustic music to young learners and those new and unaccustomed with the genre. Listening and working with sounds can inspire a wide range of creative projects and thinking and this site provides a range of activities to get you started!

  1. Worksheet one: pairing images with sounds. Playback a series of 12 sounds and try to match each one to the worksheet images.
  2. Worksheet two: drawing shapes in response to sounds. Playback a series of 12 sounds and provide a visual equivalent to each one. Try to think of images other that the sounds ‘origin’, for example, if you hear a car sound, avoid drawing a car. Think beyond the source and focus on timbre and overall shape.
  3. Sound shape movies: watch the three movies to see how descriptions and shapes can inform sound construction. Language and visual shapes can help to compositional work started in the early days of a new piece. See how this works!
  4. Pro Tools session: The session is divided into three sections: starts, middles and ends. The task is to pull three sounds together to make a ‘sound unit’ comprised from a start, middle and end. Moving sounds around in this session will inspire a wide range of sound combinations and possibilities.

For more information about the resource or questions/queries please contact:

Dr Manuella Blackburn