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Making a universal connection through poetry

Since publishing his internationally-acclaimed biography of Wilfred Owen, Dr Guy Cuthbertson has fielded questions from around the world. However, Guy observes, most of them come back to “the human, universal and sometimes personal,” connection we can make with Owen’s words.

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Extra support for final year students

Final year students may have noticed that their new ID cards look different to previous years – this is because their Honours Card provides access to a range of extra support as they enter their final year of study.

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Terri's career takes the right direction

Offering Beyoncé a cup of tea and revealing the result of a gripping TV whodunit via Snapchat is all in a day's work for Liverpool Hope University graduate Terri Doran. Terri has risen through the ranks in the media world, and is now Digital Co-ordinator with Lime Pictures, makers of Hollyoaks.

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