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Honorary doctorates: Trevor Lyttleton in profile

As we prepare for graduations, we take an in depth look at our honorary degree recipients. Trevor Lyttleton, founder of Contact the Elderly, will receive his honorary degree in the same year that his charity celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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Graduation 2015: Broadcasting Hope

Christian Theology and Media and Communication student Daniel Leung used his time at Liverpool Hope to hone his broadcasting skills and deepen his participation in chaplaincy life.

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Graduation 2015: Food for thought

Nutrition graduate Rosa Treadwell was one of eight students invited to present her research at the Annual Summer Meeting of the Nutrition Society, an impressive achievement for a final-year student.

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Graduation 2015: Top of the class

Michael Colwell graduates with a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and the highest mark for his undergraduate dissertation. He has also been awarded the British Psychological Society Prize for his academic achievements.

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Graduation 2015: Success for Jill

During her three years at Liverpool Hope, Jill overcame a number of serious health problems, including pancreatitis and pneumonia, to complete her degree in Early Childhood and Education.

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