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From the UAE to Liverpool Hope

International student Salem Almansoori has just completed his first year of a Politics and International Relations undergraduate degree. Here, the UAE native tells us about his experience studying at Liverpool Hope.

Why did you apply to Liverpool Hope University?

I studied English in Liverpool and always wanted to go to university here, because I like the city very much. During my language year, I asked a lot about the universities in the city and Liverpool Hope has an excellent reputation. The University's website is very informative and is a very good starting point to look up the programmes, facilities and activities. I looked at my programme’s page on the website and liked the structure of the course, and found the process of applying very easy.

What has your first year of study been like?

It was very smooth and educational. The programme is structured in a very helpful way, delivering the basics to help me with self-study. I believe I've gained the background that will help me perform in an excellent manner in my following years of study. Liverpool Hope has very friendly staff and a very social campus.

What were your expectations of the University and the city of Liverpool?

I’ve liked the city of Liverpool since I first arrived here. The city has many students, which makes it feel like you live in a huge campus, and the people are very nice and friendly. I’ve always thought things in the University would be very complicated and stressful, however in my first year at Hope I found things - such as applying, assessments and registering - to be very smooth, easy and clear. So far, all my lectures, seminars and tutorials have taken place in the same building, which means I don’t have to move from building to building between classes. The sports centre on campus is very nice, and I’m planning to go to the gym each day after classes next year. The social space ‘Our Place’ is also a good place for students to spend time socialising in-between their classes. 

What are your plans for after graduation?

My plan is to return to the UAE and work for the government to participate in my country's advancement, especially in its international relations.