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Collaboration leads to robotics advancement

Robotics Lab Spotlight Box Image Tuesday 14 June 2016

Collaboration between Hope and the Haute Ecole Libre Mosane (HELMo) institution in Belgium has led to developments in the field of robotics and prosthetic limbs. 

An Erasmus exchange enabled Cedric Moutschen from HELMo to spend several months working in the robotics laboratory in Hope’s new Health Sciences Building.

Mr Moutschen’s research focused on the Development of a sustainable and biologically inspired prosthetic hand and featured collaboration with Lecturer in Electronic Engineering Dr Emanuele Secco.

Talking about the benefits of the project for both Hope and Helmo, Dr Secco said: “We had a chance to develop new ideas on robotic hands/prosthetics, with Mr Moutschen designing a new robotic hand.

“He implemented a set of Graphical User Interfaces for the control of the hand from the end-user/patient, based on EMG input signals.

“Mr Moutschen also optimised and manufactured the design of a new ‘soft’ fingertip, based on silicone materials combined with a pressure sensor for the improvement of the force feedback in robotic and prosthetic hands.”

The state-of-the-art Robotics Lab at Hope provides an environment conducive for research endeavour into Intelligent Systems, UAV, Biologically Inspired Devices, drones and robots.

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