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Dr Tom Gallagher-Mitchell talks at CEN seminar series

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Lecturer in Psychology Dr Tom Gallagher-Mitchell was invited to give a talk on his research in numerical cognition at the Centre for Educational Neuroscience (CEN) seminar series.

The topic was " Space, Time and Numbers: A Developmental Perspective", and Dr Gallagher-Mitchell's talk discussed shared processing of spatial and numerical concepts and how this can be exploited for learning gain in mathematics education.

Dr Gallagher-Mitchell was also invited to attend a lab meeting and take a tour of the facilities at Birkbeck University, to discuss collaborative research between CEN and Liverpool Hope's new Childlab.

CEN research seminars are open to the public and are part of the centre’s output as a University-led research centre. It combines the expertise of researchers in child development, neuroscience, and education at three world leading universities, Birkbeck, UCL Institute of Education, and University College London.

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