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Funding granted for innovative cyber security project

Prof Atulya Nagar Thursday 2 February 2017

Dean of Science Professor Atulya Nagar has been successful in attracting a grant jointly funded by HEFCE and Innovate-UK under their Innovation to Commercialisation of University Research Programme scheme.

The funding has been granted to explore applications and the commercialisation of Algorithms for cyber security, which Dr Neil Buckley - Professor Nagar's recent PhD student - has developed during his doctoral studies. Dr Buckley will work as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow on this project. 

The project is entitled COMPATRIOT - short form for Collaborative Multi-Party Authentication Towards a Reliable Internet of Things.

Discussing its aims, Dr Nagar said: “We have developed a way to use secret sharing, a highly secure, efficient and collaborative form of cryptography for cybersecurity in existing and emerging technology. Our underlying algorithm is termed SSA - Share-Send/Store Algorithm - harnessing the security of secret sharing.”

Further details on this project can be found at:

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