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Students gain insight into business values from Co-operatives UK

ed mayo Friday 9 December 2016

Liverpool Hope University Business School students were given an insight into the ethos that underpins the work of Co-operatives UK.

Co-operatives UK is the network for Britain’s thousands of co-operative businesses, and works to promote, develop and unite member-owned business worth more than £34 billion to the British economy.

Ed Mayo, Secretary General at Co-operatives UK, spoke to both staff and students about the importance of having clear values in business.

Asked what he hoped the students would take away from the session, Ed said: “That values are an integral part of business life, and that when they work at a company, they know that they can bring their own values and concerns in to work, rather than leave them at the door.”

Speaking about why it is important to that business leaders come into universities, he said: “Real life isn’t always the same as life at university. Talks like this create a conversation which can help students see clearly what they are walking into when they go into industry.”

Business Management student Stephanie Cunningham said: “Business is all about the people; employees, customers and community. It’s important not to lose sight of this. The values that a business has can make or break the company and its always best to do what feels right - not what will earn you the highest return on capital. The lecture reinforced these points by showing examples of companies that did mess up due to a lack of values, such as Enron.  

"It’s great that the University has these types of lectures, because in today's society, you can lose sight of what’s important and every individual has different values and this must be considered when you're choosing what company to work for or if you have your own company.”

This lecture was one in an ongoing series from key figures in big business and leadership, open to all Liverpool Hope University Business School students and staff.  

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