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The Early Childhood team at EECERA 2016

Early Childhood Team Thursday 29 September 2016

The Early Childhood (EC) team successfully participated in the 26th European Early Childhood Education Research (EECERA) Conference in Dublin, which focused on ‘Happiness, Relationships, Emotion & Deep Level Learning’. The theme of the conference is one the Early Childhood (EC) team and Childhood Research Forum at Liverpool Hope University envisage as key in children’s growth from a pedagogical, developmental, policy-based professional perspective.  

Dr Alex Owen contributed with a paper entitled An exploration of inclusive and exclusive perceptions and practices of practitioners and parents within British early years settings, in a self-organised symposium on holistic well-being. In another self-organised symposium titled: ‘Apart from progress: preservation, variability and change in childhood’, three core team members presented their work. Dr Harriet Pattison presented a paper on: Learning to read at home: Holistic change rather than educational progress?, Sarah Holmes presented a paper on: Effects of spiritual nurture upon the wholeness and happiness of the child and Dr Kyriakos Demetriou presented a paper on Young children's understanding of physical disability. Dr Zoi Nikiforidou and Dr Jim Stack presented on Drama, storytelling and empathic reasoning and Dr Babs Anderson participated in a self-organised symposium named: ‘Research innovations in exploring well-being’ with a paper on Using story-related props to explore young children's empathy.

During the Conference, the EC team had the chance to network, debate and liaise with colleagues from around the world. There was space for the evolvement of the ‘Holistic Well-being’ Special Interest Group (SIG), co-convened by Hope, with discussions among SIG members and scholars exploring future collaborations and research projects.

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