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Professor Bernard Longden

Bernard LongdenJob Title: Emeritus Professor of Higher Education Policy
Faculty: Education

Dr. Bernard Longden is emeritus professor of Higher Education Policy at Liverpool Hope University where he has been a teacher and researcher until his retirement.

His research interests have always related to the student experience of higher education where a concern within universities is on student completion rates, performance indicator measures and the impact of funding mechanisms on higher education provision.

He is past Chair and Executive Board Member of the European Association for Institutional Research (EAIR), where he was responsible for the EAIR office in Amsterdam. Subsequently he became editor of the Routledge peer review journal "Tertiary Education & Management" (TEAM) a journal focusing on higher education policy and practice.

Publishing widely on higher education policy issues he is co-author, with Professor Mantz Yorke, of “Retention and Student Success in Higher Education”; establishing, with Bjorn Stensaker (Nifu), the EAIR monograph series, co-edited with Kerri-Lee Harris (2007) “Funding Higher Education: A Question of Who Pays?”.

He has been an invited keynote guest at the:

  • Pontifical Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago
  • Vilnius University, Lithuanian
  • Seoul National University
  • Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
  • University College, Sligo Irish Republic

He has presented papers at the European Association for Institutional Research; Centre of Higher Education Research (Oslo); Society for Research in Higher Education conferences and the Association for Institutional Research (USA).

Research Interests

  • Student retention
  • Student non-completion
  • Performance measures related to student success
  • The student experience of higher education

Doctoral Examiner

The role of an external examiner for doctoral degree has been undertaken for:

  • Lancaster University
  • University of Bedfordshire
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia
  • Napier University, Edinburgh
  • University of Southern Queensland, Australia
  • Institute of Education, London

Currently supervisor Caribbean doctoral degree programme for the University of Sheffield. 


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