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Dr Kate Flynn

Kate FlynnBefore moving to the Tutu Centre I was Senior Lecturer in International Politics at the University of the West of England (UWE) in Bristol. At UWE I was founder and leader of the MA in Peace and Conflict Studies and convener of the University Peace and Conflict Research Cluster.

My areas of expertise include: 
• Peace-Building and Democratization 
• Transitional Justice 
• National / Ethnic Identities and Conflict 
• Politics of Contested Heritage 
• Public Policy in Divided Societies 
• Migrants / Migration 
• Geographic Areas: Cyprus, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Spain and parts of the former USSR;  subsidiary interest in other parts of sub-Saharan Africa as well as the Middle East 

I was head of the EU/EuropeAid project "Reconciliation and Peace Economic in Cyprus" (2010 – 2012). I also headed the project, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, "Post-Conflict Settlement, Heritage and Urban Regeneration in South Africa and Northern Ireland: the Redevelopment of the Old Fort and Long Kesh / Maze Prisons" (2007 –2008). 

Other posts have included: 
• Senior Lectureship in International Studies at Monash South Africa near Johannesburg 
• Lectureship in Politics and International Relations for the Civic Education Project in Donetsk and Odessa, Ukraine; and 
• Research Fellowship at the Institute for German History, Tel Aviv University, Israel. 

I’ve taught extensively at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, including PhD supervision. This includes MA modules “Foundations for Peace and Conflict Studies” and “The Politics of Human Rights,” as well as specialised undergraduate classes covering migration, development (focused on sub-Saharan Africa), nationalism, and ethnic conflict. 

My academic qualifications are a double BA in Political Science (Departmental Distinction of High Honors) and English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, and a DPhil in Politics from the University of Oxford (St. Antony’s College).


Selected Publications


EuropeAid Project Report




Journal articles

  • “Heritage and the post-Apartheid City: Constitution Hill, Johannesburg” with T. King, Int J of Heritage Studies, 18.1 (2012): 65-82
  •  “Decision-Making and Contested Heritage in Northern Ireland: The Former Maze Prison / Long Kesh”, Irish Political Studies, 26.3 (2011): 383-401
  •  “Symbolic Reparation, Heritage and Political Transition in South Africa’s Eastern Cape” with T. King in Int J of Heritage Studies, 13.6 (2007): 462-477
  • “Constructed Identities and Iberia” in special ed. of Ethnic and Racial Studies - The Iberian Heritage: Constructed Identities, 24.5 (2001): 703-718 [vol. edited by author]



  • Ideology, Mobilization and the Nation: The Rise of Irish, Basque and Carlist Nationalist Movements in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, Macmillan (UK) and St. Martin's (USA), 2000


Book chapters

  • “Heritage as Urban Regeneration: The Success and Failures of Constitution Hill, Johannesburg” with T. King in  eds., J. McLoughlin, et. al., Heritage Strategy, Management and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment, Heritage Management Series: Vol. 3 (Archaeolingua: Budapest, 2012)
  • “The Maze / Long Kesh: Contested Heritage and Peace-Building in Northern Ireland” in ‘Lest we Forget?’: Rethinking Cultures of Remembrance, eds. M. Andrews, et. al. (Stroud: The History P, May 2011)
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  • “Between Federalism and Autonomy: Spain” in Managing and Settling Ethnic Conflicts, eds., U. Schneckener and S. Wolff (London: Hurst, 2004)