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Dr Gergely Juhasz

Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies
0151 291 3124

Since 2012 I am a Lecturer in Theology and Biblical Studies at Liverpool Hope University. I hold a PhD in Theology and an S.T.D. from the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium), with a specialization in the New Testament. Prior to coming to Hope, I worked at the Faculty of Arts of the KU Leuven on an international research project about early modern bible translations printed in Antwerp (1999-2003) and served as the director of the Hungarian College at Leuven (1998-2006). From 2002 till 2012 I lectured in theology and in applied linguistics and translation studies at various places in Antwerp, Averbode, Brussels, Gent, and Roermond.

I have a wide spectrum of research interests, including the reception history of the Bible, late mediaeval  and early modern exegesis and bible translations, reformation studies, Pauline literature, Synoptic Gospels, prophecy in the Ancient Near East, biblical eschatology and anthropology as well as translation studies.

Much of my research has focussed on the history and theology of early modern English Bibles (from  William Tyndale till the King James Bible) and the surrounding exegetical scholarship and discussions in the Tudor period. I have studied the English Bible translations printed in Antwerp (William Tyndale, Myles Coverdale, George Joye, John Rogers) and their contribution to the making of the King James Bible (1611). My publications and academic communications have particularly contributed to the study of the life of works of the Protestant bible translator George Joye (ca. 1495-1553).

In 2002 I co-organised a major rare book exhibition at the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Plantin Moretus Museum (Antwerp, Belgium) with the title Tyndale's Testament and co-edited its English and Dutch catalogue with the same title (Turnhout: Brepols, 2002), in which I contributed two dozen catalogue articles, and a main introductory article. The English volume has become a standard work on William Tyndale. Besides articles and chapters in English and Dutch, I have also published in Hungarian. My doctoral dissertation on the exegetical debate between William Tyndale and George Joye entitled Translating Resurrection appeared in 2014 in Brill's series Studies in the History of Christian Traditions (vol. 165) and has been very well received.

I am currently working on the sources of the first printed English Bible, translated by Myles Coverdale (Antwerp?, 1535), including the translations of John Wyclif, those by Martin Luther, the Zürich Bibles, the Dutch bibles of Jacob van Liesvelt and Willem Vorsterman, and the available Latin versions (Pagninus, Vulgate, Münster). I am also interested in Tyndale's debated dependence on the Wyclyffite translations as well as on his possible Hebrew sources.

I also coordinate the Hope end of a project of the École biblique in Jerusalem on producing an online edition of the English New Jerusalem Bible in cooperation with Dom Henry Wansbrough, its original editor and translator.

I am the book review editor of the peer-reviewed journal Reformation and the editor of volume 6 of the Critical Editions of William Tyndale for the Catholic University of America Press, which will include the prefaces, prologues, epilogues and other explanatory materials in Tyndale's biblical translations.

I teach courses in biblical studies (both Old and New Testament) and in Christian theology (Reformations till 1700) at Hope. I am the departmental responsible for the library and the academic lead for our superb special collections. I supervise PhD students working on topics related to the Early Modern period and pastoral theology, including manuscript editions of Latin and vernacular theological and devotional works.