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Dr Patrice Haynes

Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies
0151 291 3328

After gaining her PhD, Patrice Haynes taught Philosophy at various institutions in the North West until she became a permanent Philosophy lecturer at Liverpool Hope University.  She is the course leader for 'Explorations in Philosophy and Ethics' (first year), in addition to delivering lectures on the idea of democracy in political philosophy (second year) and postmodern thinking about God, truth and religion (third year).  Her research interests focus primarily on issues in philosophy of religion, particularly as these are reframed by continental and feminist philosophies. Her first monograph, titled Immanent Transcendence: Reconfiguring Materialism in Continental Philosophy, was published by Bloomsbury in 2012. She is currently undertaking research for her second monograph which aims to challenge the Eurocentric focus of philosophy of religion by considering some of the philosophical questions raised by contemporary scholarship on West African traditional religions, particularly as these invite new ways of thinking the human outside the normative model of European Man. She is also developing a longer term project on the idea of a 'theological materialism' which, building on the insights of her first book, seeks to capture ways in which divine transcendence need not devalue material immanence but may actually affirm it. With her colleagues Steven Shakespeare and Duane Williams she is a co-founder of the Association of Continental Philosophy of Religion.