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Dr Sam Mercer

0151 291 3535
Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences

In 2018 I was awarded my PhD from the University of Chester for a thesis titled Humanism and the Ideology of Work. My research explored and deconstructed the sociology of work and employment through the critique of theoretical humanism, located in the Marxist philosophy of Louis Althusser. My research demonstrated that throughout sociological discourses of work and employment, there persist several 'humanist' ideological tropes which blunt its critical force, bracketing material analyses of class and exploitation in favour of moralistic ideological analyses of human nature and human essence.

In my current research I am interested in the application of 'Althusserian' Marxism to discourses in sociology. I am currently expanding this interest by bringing Althusser's thinking into conversation with Marxist-feminist thought around work and social reproduction, in particular that of Silvia Federici. 

At Liverpool Hope University I am a lecturer in Social Policy. I am currently leading the MA course in Comparative Social Policy and Globalisation, exploring a comparative approach to social policy framed by the inequalities exacerbated by globalisation and its attendant crises. At undergraduate level I am teaching political economy in our Introduction to Applied Social Sciences, as well as taking seminars in our Explorations in Sociology.