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Dr Zoe Zontou

Drama, Dance and Performance
0151 291 3598

 I joined Liverpool Hope University in September 2011 having just completed my Ph.D. in Drama at the University of Manchester. I hold a PGCAP from Liverpool Hope University, an MA in Applied Theatre from the University of Manchester and a BA (Ptychion) in Theatre Studies from the University of Patras. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Prior to teaching at Liverpool Hope, I have taught at Brunel University, Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Manchester. At Liverpool Hope, I am teaching on the Creative and Performing Arts, Drama Single honours, and Drama and Theatre Studies degrees, as well as supervising dissertations on a variety of subjects such as theatre and health, political theatre, applied theatre in prisons, among othersMy research over the last decade has opened up new understandings of the role of socially engaged theatre in assisting people in recovery from alcohol and other drug dependencies to socially reintegrate. Through practice-based projects, and academic publications my research continues to deepen and extend the understanding of the role of participatory arts to assist people in recovery from addiction to realize control over their representations in mainstream media and popular culture. I am a researcher-in-residence in Fallen Angels Dance Theatre, responsible for measuring and theorizing the impact of their work, as well as co-designing their artistic projects.  I have extensive experience of planning and managing a series of projects with diverse community groups such as the homeless, inmates, problem drug users, and young people at-risk in various locations.   I am a co-convenor on the Applied and Social Theatre working group of the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA).   Since 2012,  I am an active member of Liverpool Hope's educational charity Global Hope, and as part of this I have conducted art projects in Malawi and Sri Lanka. 


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