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0077 Dr Liz Fern

Dr Liz Fern

School of Social Science
0151 291 3831
Arts and Humanities

I am a qualified social worker with over 20 years experience in Local Authority settings in England. I have an MA in Social Work and an MBA. I gained my doctorate in social work in 2009 based on research carried out in Iceland, where I lived and worked from 2001-2008

My research interests are action research aimed at improving social work practice, especially practice in involving children and young people in decision-making. My recent publications are as follows:

My main areas of teaching are in: 
Human Growth and Development; Power, Partnership and Professionalism; and Child Care Law.

My recent publications are: 

Fern, E. 2014 "Grown-ups Never Understand Anything by Themselves ... Practice 26:1

Fern, E. 2014. Child-directed social work practice: findings from an action research study conducted in Iceland. British Journal of Social Work (2014) 44 (5):1110-1128.

Fern, E. 2012. Developing Social Work Practice Through Engaging Practitioners in Action Research. Qualitative Social Work.11 (2), pp. 156-173.


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