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Dr Ros Stuart-Buttle

Centre for Christian Education
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Arts and Humanities

My academic background lies in Theology and Education and brings a committed faith perspective and wide experience in Christian education across school, higher education, seminary, adult learning and professional development sectors.

I gained an MA in Catholic Religious Studies from the Institute of Religious Studies, St Joseph's Seminary, New York, USA and then completed a doctorate with the University of Liverpool, UK. My PhD thesis examined pedagogies of online learning and their application for Roman Catholic adult theological education. Key issues surrounding community and authority were addressed and empirical evidence included findings from online faculty and student bodies. The concept of ‘interruptive pedagogy’ was proposed as an interpretative model to appraise and promote online learning for future Catholic education. 

My research interests cover the following areas: the relationship between theology and education, adult theological literacy and faith development, continuing professional development for faith education and pastoral lay ministry, adult education theory, and educational technologies especially online learning. 

At Liverpool Hope University I lead the Church Certificates courses. These include the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies, a national course on behalf of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, recommended for teachers in Catholic schools as well as those seeking theological formation as well as the Anglican Church School Studies course. I teach at Masters level in Religious Education and supervise at doctoral level in the broad field of Christian and religious education.

Recent publications include:

Stuart-Buttle, R. (2016) 'Vatican II and New Thinking on Catholic Education: An English Perspective' in Whittle, S. ed (2016) Vatican II and New Thinking on Catholic Education. Routledge/Taylor & Francis.

Stuart-Buttle, R. (2016) 'Does RE Matter: What Do Teachers Think?' in Shanahan, M. ed.(2016) Does Religious Education Matter? Taylor & Francis.

Stuart-Buttle, R. (2015) Book Review: Worsley, H. ed. (2014) Anglican Church School Education: Moving Beyond the First Two Hundred Years. London & New York: Bloomsbury Academic. British Journal of Educational Studies Vol. 63 (2) pp.256-261.

Stuart-Buttle, R.  (2014) ‘Interrupting Pedagogy: Christian Education Online’, Journal of Education & Christian Belief  Vol. 18 (1), pp.51-71.

Stuart-Buttle, R. (2014) ‘Being Open to Online Others: Online Journals and Professional Learning Among Church School Practitioners’, Acise Conference Proceedings. Liverpool Hope University Press, pp.239-248.

Stuart-Buttle, R. (2013) Virtual Theology, Faith and Adult Education: An Interruptive Pedagogy. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK.

Stuart-Buttle, R.  (2012)‘Interrupting Pedagogy for 21st Century Online Education’ , 18th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference Proceedings. Published online.        

Stuart-Buttle, R. (2011) ‘Communicating Faith and Online Learning’ in Sullivan, J. (ed.) Communicating Faith. Catholic University of America Press, pp.328-343.

Professional Memberships:

  • Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales Board of Religious Studies 
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK 
  • Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain
  • Foundation Governor at All Hallows Catholic College Voluntary Academy  


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