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0013 Dr Helen Ashworth

Dr Helen McCartney

School of Social Science
0151 291 3742
Arts and Humanities

I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) with a first class (Hons) degree in Applied Community Studies. After a short span working and volunteering in the community sector, I took up the post of Research Assistant in the Faculty of Education, Community and Leisure at LJMU. Here, I worked on an ESF funded research project about the nature and salience of age discrimination in the UK with a special focus on the concept of a 'double jeopardy' for women. From this research emerged an interest in older learners and the potential barriers they face in accessing higher education.

Research interests: The concept of community and the role of empowerment. The position of older workers in the UK economy, and employers' attitudes and practices towards this group. The psychological consequences of age discrimination, paying particular attention to its affects upon individuals' self-efficacy and life satisfaction. The gender dimension of age discrimination in paid employment, comparing the experiences of men and women. The older learner and the concept of lifelong learning. At present, I am continuing my research in the area of lifelong learning, focusing on developing a typology of the older learner. I am also eager to combine my community background with an emerging research interest in children and young people.



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