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Dr Julia Lux

School of Social Science
0151 291 3422
Arts and Humanities

In January 2017, I joined the Department of Social Work, Care and Justice at Liverpool Hope University as a Professional Tutor in Social Policy and am now a Lecturer in Social Policy here.
After completing my Bachelor's degree at the University of Potsdam (Germany), I attended Manchester University for my MA. In the five years before joining Liverpool Hope, I have worked at the University of Tuebingen (Germany) where I also completed my PhD.
My principal research interests lie with issues of critical political economy and discourse. In my dissertation, I have analysed the discursive strategies of different actors in France and Germany with regards to labour and social policies during the crisis processes 2007-2015.

My most recent publications include:
(2019): Discursive Strategies and Change: Developments of French Capitalism in Crisis, in: Journal of Language and Politics, OnlineFirst at:

(2018): Understanding the Crisis Symptoms of Representative Democracy: The New European Economic Governance and France's ‘Political Crisis’, in: Social Policy and Society, FirstView at:

(together with Nikolai Huke, David Bailey; Mónica Clua-Losada and Olatz Ribera Almondoz) (2018): Disrupting European authoritarianism - Grassroots organizing, collective action and participatory democracy during the Eurozone crisis. Available at:

(2018 -published online first 2016): Disciplining large member states during the crisis: Analysing the discursive strategies of the EU and German actors on France, in: Critical Policy Studies (12:1),

(2015): France in limbo: on the struggles about accumulation strategies in models of capitalism – the case of the pacte de responsabilité, in: French Politics (13:1), pg. 84-102.

(together with Stefanie Woehl) (2015):  Gender Inequalities in Capitalist Crisis: Spain and France compared, in: Ebenau, Matthias/Bruff, Ian/ May, Christian (Hrsg.): New Directions in Comparative Capitalisms Research: Critical and Global Perspectives. London: Palgrave Macmillan, pg. 101-117.

(together with Hans-Juergen Bieling) (2014): Crisis-Induced Social Conflicts in the European Union – Trade Union Perspectives: The Emergence of ‘Crisis Corporatism’ or the Failure of Corporatist Arrangements? In: Global Labour Journal (5:2), pg. 153-175.