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PGCE Secondary (QTS)

The School of Teacher Education at Liverpool Hope University is recruiting now for our PGCE Secondary (11-18) Courses.

School placements will cover the 11-16 age range, along with a KS5 enhancement.

Limited places are still available across a range of subjects. Apply now to avoid disappointment as subjects could fill soon.

All our PGCE Secondary courses run within the context of the Liverpool Hope Partnership. This combines the best of the university training with high-quality professional placements in a range of schools, academies and colleges. Throughout, you will experience high quality training and learn the latest approaches and strategies to enable you to become an outstanding Hope Teacher, fully prepared to start your new career. A particular aspect of this course is the support and opportunities you will be provided with to help you develop your own philosophy of teaching underpinned by the 'Hope Teacher' vision and values recognised by Ofsted.

Teaching is a profession that will require you to 'use your head' and engage as a highly-skilled professional. The course will similarly be intellectually and creatively demanding; while the National Curriculum indicates much of what you teach, it is you who will determine how you actually do this. You will guide and mould the developing young people in your care by focusing on their academic learning and development. Such a responsibility requires you to carefully plan your own preparation for the profession and our well-structured PGCE is designed to support you in this process of formation.

PGCE Secondary Courses:

Art and Design (PGCE)

Biology (PGCE)

Chemistry (PGCE)

Computer Science with ICT (PGCE)

English (PGCE)

Geography (PGCE)

History (PGCE)

Mathematics (PGCE)

Modern Languages (PGCE)

Music (PGCE)

Physical Education (PGCE) 

Physics (PGCE)

Religious Education (PGCE)