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Theological Book Review


Theological Book Review (tbr) 

Closing down notification

We are sorry to tell you that unfortunately we are unable to continue the Theological Book Review beyond early 2018, so the Journal, and this website supporting it, will cease publication in Spring 2018.

We have contacted all publishers asking them not to send us any more books, and of course will no longer request books from them. There will be some books already in the pipeline so it is worth looking out for them on the website, which we will continue to keep up-to-date so you know what is still available. 

We are letting reviewers know as we send them emails. We are committed to publishing as many reviews as we can, and to trying to ensure that as many as possible of the books we have received are reviewed. 

We plan to send any books remaining at the end of this time to suitable libraries - not to private individuals. In fairness to the publishers we will ensure that they are at least 'listed' in the last issues of tbr. 

If you are a subscriber, we will send you all remaining issues at no added cost to you; we have ceased to request subscriptions.  

Information about tbr. 

Tbr has been edited by the Revd Professor Kenneth Newport. It has always been intended as a means by which clear, concise and authoritative reviews of the best theological scholarship could be made available to a wide readership. It is now in its 30th year.

Requests for books to review (from this website only) should be sent to our email address -

Books Available for Review  

The following is a list of books that are currently available for review.

Reviews should be between 250 and 300 words. Because of the special circumstances, reviews are due back early in 2018. Please ensure that you include in your review a clear brief indication of the academic level for which the book would be most appropriate. Please send completed reviews to Olga Davies (email: and copy them to us ( 

Reviewers are asked to note that we do not normally supply print copies of the journal to a reviewer whose work is appearing in it. We will be happy to email a pdf version of the journal on request.

When requesting a book, please give the address to which you would like it sent