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Recruitment and Admissions Policy

Liverpool Hope University’s policy is to select those candidates who demonstrate they have an academic ability and personal motivation to succeed in their chosen programme of study.

Applications are welcomed from students with excellent academic potential whose academic profile indicates that they will achieve the academic requirements of their chosen course.  The admissions decision will rest primarily on the qualifications and also on the aspirations of the applicant in relation to their chosen programme of study.  Applicants selected for admission should be suitably qualified and capable of benefiting from their chosen programme of study.

Each application is assessed on its own merits. Selectors will take into account the evidence provided on the application form against the criteria for that particular course.  Entry requirements and subject specific requirements are published in our prospectus and website.

We welcome applications from students who meet our academic entry requirements and are looking to be intellectually stretched, stimulated and challenged in their studies, and who will add energy, and bring breadth of experience and vitality to the University community.  In line with our Mission no student with the necessary academic potential would be disadvantaged by their educational or socio-economic background and our undergraduate bursaries are designed to support such students.

At Liverpool Hope University we are committed to the provision of high quality, fair and transparent admissions procedures and consider all applications in line with the Recruitment and Admissions Policy and our commitment to equality of opportunity and the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. The University operates a centralised Admissions Department for applications to most of our courses. Our experienced team includes staff with specialist knowledge to help process applications from people with a wide variety of qualifications, and from all over the world. 

If applicants have cause for concern about the way in which their application has been handled the Applicant Appeals and Complaints Procedure can be followed to lodge an appeal against a decision or make a complaint.

Please read our Student Guide to Regulations and Policies 2016/17