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Irish Studies Research Group

Irish Research

The Irish Studies Research Group is a multi-disciplinary group of scholars who work both independently and collectively to present research on all aspects of Irish political and cultural life.

Aims and objectives

The ISRG aims to encourage and promotes publication of academic work in the field of Irish Studies and generally on topics of relevance to Ireland particularly in the areas of history, drama, literature, politics and psychology.

Conferences: the ISRG aims to encourage and promote participation by group members in conferences and symposia related to Irish issues.

Funding applications: the ISRG aims to assist in acquiring funding support for research on Irish-related topics.

REF strategy: the ISRG will work within the strategies of the University and its Faculties, particularly the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and contribute to the establishment of a demonstrable research environment.

Research supervision: the ISRG aims to support postgraduate research on Irish-related topics through the existing Faculty of Arts and Humanities MA programmes.

New researchers: the ISRG aims to provide a supportive environment with occasional opportunities for new and more experienced researchers to share their work in progress.

Wider links: the ISRG aims to develop and enhance relations with other researchers, particularly in the north-west of England through the newly emerging Irish Studies North-west Network, and other academic associations

  • Dr Bryce Evans, Department of History and Politics
  • Dr Michael Holmes, Department of History and Politics
  • Dr Stephen Kelly, Department of History and Politics
  • Dr Fiona Pogson, Department of History and Politics
  • Dr Sonja Tiernan, Department of History and Politics ?
  • Dr Anthony Cawley, Department of Media & Communication
  • Dr Jacqui Miller, Department of Media & Communication
  • Mr John Phillips, The Liverpool Hope Business School
  • Dr Terry Phillips, Emeritus Dean of Arts & Humanities and Department of English
  • Dr Liam O'Callaghan, The School of Health Sciences
  • Professor Neil Ferguson, Department of Psychology
  • Dr Niamh Malone, Department of Drama, Dance and Performance Studies

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