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Student Contract - Information for Applicants and Students

Welcome to the Student Contract page which has everything you need to know before you accept an offer at Liverpool Hope University and is the hub for all of the policies and regulations that impact on your studies at Hope.

If you accept a place at Liverpool Hope University you will be entering into a binding a contract and that this page sets out the terms and conditions of your contract with the University and the policies, rules and regulations applicable to you.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 2016-17

Terms and Conditions 2017-18

Terms and Conditions 2018-19

If applicants have cause for concern about the way in which their application has been handled, the applicant appeals and complaints procedure can be followed to lodge an appeal against a decision or make a complaint.

If registered students have cause for concern about the quality of service offered by the University at any stage of their studies, the student complaints procedure can be followed.

Regulations and Policies

For details about all of our student regulations, policies and procedures in relation to both academic and other provisions, download the following documents:

Student Guide to Regulations and Policies 2018/19

Student Guide to Regulations and Policies 2017/18

Student Guide to Regulations and Policies 2016/17


A full list of policies can be found on our Student Support pages.

The Hope Charter

The Hope Charter sets out the expectations and responsibilities both of the University to each student and of each student to the University. It also sets out the responsibilities of the Students’ Union to both individual students and to the Student Body as a whole. The Charter focuses on the student journey and reflects the expectations of both Students and the University at each stage of this journey.

This Charter is underpinned by the commitment of students and staff of the University to the Mission and Values of Hope. 

Visit The Hope Charter page for full details.

Subject Guides

Visit our Subject Leaflets page to download a PDF of your subject.