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Great Mathematical Diagrams

Thursday, 18 November 2021 , 5pm
Powys Lecture Theatre

Dr Chris Pritchard, Mathematical Association President 2021-22 presents a prestigious event by the Liverpool Mathematical Society - the first in-person event of it's kind since February 2020! 

The event is aimed at a general audience and suitable for all aged 16 upwards, but would be of particular interest to those studying Mathematics (or a combination thereof) or teacher training students looking to progress into a career teaching mathematics. 

The talk is a journey through mathematical diagrams, some famed for their importance and longevity, some critical for the information they convey and many of them just plain clever. Join Dr Chris Pitchard, President of the Mathematical Association, for a look at a range of visual material from the Bride’s Chair of Euclid’s Elements to the Königsberg bridges and from Playfair’s pie chart to Anscombe’s salutary lesson, whilst also enjoying some "proofs without words" which can be deployed profitably in the classroom.

Find out more information about Dr Chris Pitchard and the Mathematical Association.

Registration and further details of the free ticketed event can be found here.


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