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Liverpool Hope University launched a new Community Engagement Team in 2021 - and here you’ll find everything you need to know about getting involved.

The team aims to coordinate, co-produce and support a wide variety of community based projects - whether it’s a charity fundraiser or an initiative or event in the city where volunteers are needed. 

It’s open to both students and staff who’d like to contribute and help make a difference. 

- If you have an idea of a project or activity that you think will benefit students and / or staff please get in touch with us. 

- If you have ideas for projects and activities that you would like to run, we can help. 

- If you have a project or event in the city, and need some volunteers, please use the Community Volunteer Projects Registration Form to share the details of your event and we can advertise to the Hope community who can sign up to help you with it.


Community volunteer projects registration

If you have a project you would like some help or support with please email, and our team will get back to you.

We will share with the Hope community providing details of volunteering opportunities for those who wish to give some time to their local community. All students and staff getting involved with volunteering opportunities can record this as part of the Service and Leadership Award.

Community Engagement Team - how it all began

Liverpool Hope University has a 175 year history of commitment to education and community. The educational mission central to Hope is focused on the development of the whole person within the context of our wider community, and we value opportunities to bring people together as part of a city that is steeped with passion and pride for support and unity.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Hope community of staff and students has worked together in response to the needs of those on the frontline in the city, raising funds, equipment and much needed resources for those delivering frontline services. 

Read about some of the Covid-19 volunteering projects.

The Hope Community Engagement team brings together and builds upon that work started in March 2020 and will continue to develop and grow as we move forwards beyond the Covid-19 pandemic, encouraging connections between the Hope community and the city.

A brief overview of past and present projects can be found in our Hope Community Engagement Foundation Hour Presentation.