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Honorary Award Registration 2019

As part of the celebration of our proud 175-year heritage, the University would like to confer an honorary degree on those who gained a Certificate of Education at one of our founding colleges. This award is in recognition of the academic rigour demanded by the Certificate of Education; more importantly though, it recognises your contribution to educating and inspiring so many children and young people to reach their full potential.

This Honorary Bachelor of Education is being awarded throughout 2019 to commemorate the University’s 175th anniversary year. To register to receive your award through the post please visit our Online Store. The application process for the Honorary award will be open until 1st December 2019.  Please note that after this date it will no longer be possible to apply.

Those who registered before 12th July should expect to receive their award in late July-August. From 12th July, certificates will be posted within 8 weeks of your application so please be patient and contact us if your award does not arrive in due course.