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Supporting our Work

You can support the University to develop better resources, services and experiences for Hope students and staff.

Over recent years, Government funding for higher education has been cut significantly. This means that we rely more and more on external and philanthropic funding to be able to give our students the very best university experience that we think they deserve.

Liverpool Hope has a proud tradition of philanthropy with two of our founding colleges being established with large philanthropic donations.

Donate to 'A Brighter Hope'

The Alumni Office is currently raising funds for a range of initiatives. A brief description of each is provided below but if you require further information please contact the Alumni Office directly. If you would like to support Liverpool Hope, please visit our online donations page. Alternatively please complete the Donation Form and return it to the Alumni and Development team or telephone +44 (0) 151 291 3219.

You can support current students to succeed at Liverpool Hope by supporting A Brighter Hope and the following funds:

Student Scholarships

These are non-refundable sums of money paid to a student in each year of their course of study and can be awarded to undergraduate or postgraduate students.  Awards start from £500 per year.  'A Brighter Hope' has contributed over £100,000 to the Student Scholarship programme. You can make a gift to the Scholarship Fund via our online store.

Sheppard-Worlock Library

The Library buys thousands of new books per year with costs ranging from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds per book. Through A Brighter Hope, supporters can donate £30 which is often enough to buy a book. Larger donations can fund the stands the library uses to display valuable reference books or even contribute towards the collections themselves. You can make a gift to the Sheppard-Worlock Library via our online store.

Global Hope

This is the umbrella term given to Liverpool Hope University’s overseas charitable development work. Over the years, Hope students and staff have been able to support a range of educational communities in locations as diverse as India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa, Brazil, Romania and Uganda. These valuable projects cost anything up to £10,000 each. You can make a gift to support Global Hope projects via our online store.