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Samuel Kreps
LinkedIn Profile

MA Business and Management, 2018

Job Title
Channel Sales Manager


Job sector
Information Technology


What does your organisation do?
PreVeil makes encryption usable for CMMC & ITAR compliance, business and personal use. PreVeil’s encrypted email works with existing apps like Outlook or Gmail, letting users keep their regular email addresses. PreVeil Drive works like DropBox for file sharing, but with far better security. All messages and documents are encrypted end-to-end, which means that no one other than intended recipients can read or scan them—not even PreVeil. PreVeil is designed for both small teams and large enterprises.

Describe your main responsibilities
I have been hired to create efficient processes for our reseller and referral partners. I've been able to offload partner management tasks from account executives so they can focus on selling. I make sure our partners have updated sales/marketing materials, provide training sessions, and feel confident when they speak about PreVeil to their clients. I'm also responsible for signing new partners and even sometimes leading sales demo calls.

Describe a typical day and the range of activities you are involved in
My day typically starts off with sending follow up emails and making calls to prospective partners who I've spoken to about joining the partner network. I will then join sales demo calls and will then follow up with current partners to make sure they have the materials they need, schedule trainings, and address questions they may have. Reaching out typically consists of about 25+ emails and 10+ phone calls each day. If a prospective partner is ready to sign a partner a agreement I will process the paper work and will update our system. I'm in communication with the leadership team quite often so I usually speak with them about trends I'm hearing and areas where we can improve.

Why did this area of work appeal to you?
The Channel Sales Manager role at PreVeil was new and I was able to be the first employee to be in it. It's been a great opportunity to learn more about our partners at PreVeil products.

What are the challenging aspects of your job?
I have never been in a sales position like this one before so learning new skills and more about the product has its challenges, however it's been a positive experience as I get to learn more.

What skills/qualifications do you use in your job?
I need to know how to speak professionally with prospects and also need to know the prospect's business/industry. It's important to understand their business's products and services and how each can be used successfully. Being in a new role means that organization skills and creativity are needed to formalize processes and understand how to be the most efficient.

Please provide a brief history of the work and qualifications gained since leaving Hope, including any time out
Six weeks after I left Hope I started my career at Terryberry as an Outbound SDR where I spent one year. After a successful year, I was promoted to Customer Success Manager where I focused on reducing churn and expansions. After just about a year and a half as a CSM, I was promoted to Inbound SDR and tasked with helping create the Inbound Sales Development team which eventually led to another promotion as the Sales Development Team Lead. After about 12 months in that role I was offered the Sales Development Manager position at PreVeil. After 14 months as the Sales Development Manager I was promoted to Channel Sales Manager which is the current position I hold.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Add your career plans and any further qualifications you are planning.
I enjoy creating and implementing processes to ensure success regardless of what job I'm in. I'd like also like to get involved with a sports foundation if I get the chance to move to England like Everton in the Community, LFC Foundation, etc.

What advice would you give to students considering your area of study or career?
Be willing to go above & beyond so you can learn as much as possible. Try to become an expert in your field so you can become an educational resource while talking to prospects and customers. Not everyone wants to talk about your product so if you can provide value by educating prospects and customers on the industry then that can go a long way in creating meaningful professional relationships.

Any other comments?
My experience at Hope prepared me for my career. Without Hope, I wouldn't be in the position I am today as I learned every day in and out of the classroom. The relationships I made with Hope classmates and Hope employees has played a large part in making me into the person I am today.