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Spirit, Place and Being

Wednesday, 3 October 2018 , 1pm
EDEN130 (Hope Park)

Speakers: Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman (Business School), Dr Stephe Harrop (School of Creative and Performing Arts), and Dr Danny Rye (Department of Politics)

This introductory and interdisciplinary presentation by the Foundation Hour Planning Team explores the Spirit, Place and Being theme through references to and reflections on their own individual research areas outlined below. The three scholars examine how a sense of place feeds our spirit and supports our being. They weave together their own stories and reflect upon how they play a role in defining their own sense of humanity, community, history and place.



Dr Anthony Ridge-Newman is a lecturer in Digital Media in the Liverpool Hope Business School. His qualifications include a PhD in political communication (London) and an MSc in social science (Surrey). His interdisciplinary expertise in the theory and practice of media and politics is largely associated with the study of political parties, political communication, political organisation and new media. He is the convenor and vice-chair of two Political Studies Association specialist groups. Anthony’s publications include three books: ‘Reporting the Road to Brexit: International Media and the EU Referendum 2016’, 'Tories and Television, 1951-1964: Broadcasting an Elite', and 'Cameron's Conservatives and the Internet: Change, Culture and Cyber Toryism'. His teaching and research have been previously based at the universities of Glasgow, Oxford and London. Anthony and his work are regularly featured in international media, e.g. the New Scientist, TRT World News, Washington Post, International Business Times, Newsweek, and Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr Stephe Harrop is a senior lecturer in Drama. Her research focuses on ancient Greek drama and epic in contemporary re-performance, interactions between the traditional arts and modern theatre-making, and contemporary storytelling practices. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an Associate of the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (University of Oxford), and an External Associate of the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling. Stephe’s publications include 'Unfixing Epic: Homeric Orality and Contemporary Performance', 'Greek Tragedy, Agonistic Space, and Contemporary Performance', 'It Happens in Ballads: Scotland, Utopia, and Traditional Song in The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart'.

Dr Danny Rye is a lecturer in Politics. Since completing his PhD in 2012, his research has been mainly concerned with the development and application of theoretical tools with which to analyse power in political organisations and political institutions. More recently his attention has turned to the democratic role played by community organising groups like Citizens UK and campaigning platforms like 38 Degrees, as well as local activism and political participation. He is the author of a book, ‘Political Parties and the Concept of Power’, which is an exploration of the organisation and operation of power in a political party. He has also written for a number of key web-based publications such as Open Democracy, the Democratic Audit and the LSE British Politics and Policy blog. Danny was awarded the Political Studies Association’s Sir Ernest Barker Prize in 2012.


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