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The hierarchy of Evidence or Experience: reflection on the experiences of war, peace and life

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 , 1pm
EDEN 130 Lecture Theatre

Speaker: Associate Professor Farzad Amirabdollahian, Deputy Head of the School of Health Sciences

For decades clinical scientists set the foundation of their education and practice based on the hierarchy of evidences to locate the best ‘evidence’ characterised by the rigour and strength of the research methods. This talk will draw on life experiences of the speaker from the time of Iran-Iraq war, until migration to the UK, and beyond, to reflect on values and principles underlying the clinical and day-to-day decisions that could be interpreted in different ways. This includes reflection and advice on the younger ‘self’ to come to the conclusion that reasonable and informed decisions are the ones integrating the best evidence from the body of knowledge, with user and/or patient’s perspectives and inputs, together with self-awareness of the available expertise and


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