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Album release and UK tour for Hope alumna

Hope alumna Jennifer Vaudrey is about to embark on her second UK tour, following the success of her debut EP Hide Away From Love.

The Liverpool-born singer-songwriter’s new release Pirouettes will be released on Monday 13th November, and is inspired by a former relationship.

Jennifer said: “I'm not very good at being open about emotions, so I've always found writing to be a release for me and prefer to take something emotionally painful into art.

“My time at Hope really helped me hone my craft and realise what kind of artist I wanted to be.”

Jennifer graduated from Hope’s Creative and Performing Arts degree in 2010 and released her first EP in 2014.

Despite having written songs from a young age, Jennifer had only ever song to backing tracks of Celine Dion and the best of Shania Twain, before joining Hope.

She said: “Hope introduced me to other musicians, and gave me the opportunity to work with a live band on the type of music that I loved. A couple of the tracks I wrote for song writing assignments even made it on to my first EP.

“My advice to aspiring artists would be to always be honest in your writing, and don't look at what other people are doing. I think most off the best music comes when an artist lets themselves be totally vulnerable. 

“Take your time to figure out what type of artist you want to be and what your selling point is. I always used to write songs with lots of instrumentation, but have found a lot of people say that my voice is what stands out most, so this EP is a lot more stripped back to focus on that.”

Jennifer, whose influences include Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks, will perform at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Sunday 10th December.

Published on 20/03/2018