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Book launch for Dr Lyndon Way’s new publication

Lecturer in Media and Communication Dr Lyndon Way is celebrating the launch of his new book Popular Music and Multimodal Discourse Analysis: Ideology, control and resistance in Turkey since 2002.

Published by Bloomsbury, the book considers how popular music, which has long been used to entertain, provoke, challenge and liberate, is also used to oppress and control.

This book explores the nature of relations between music and meanings, and more specifically, between music and political meanings. It considers the extent popular music can articulate ideas about society, identities and events, by exploring exactly how popular music is perceived to be political. That is, how music conveys meanings about power, politics and identity.

This exploration is set in contemporary Turkish society, with its complex and deep ideological divisions increasingly obvious under the stewardship of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his centre-right political party.

It looks at how the authorities seek to harness and control popular music, and how a wide range of popular music genres emerge as sites of power and resistance in certain venues, and particularly across social media.

For example, rock, rap, protest and folk music are expressed in official promotional videos, protest cut-and-paste offerings, party-political election songs, live music events and internet discussions about popular music.

Dr Pete Dale, Senior lecturer in Popular Music at Manchester Metropolitan University, will host a book launch for the publication on Tuesday 23rd January at 3pm in AJB059, Hope Park. All are welcome. 

Published on 20/03/2018