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Book launch to celebrate research of Hope academics

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Liverpool Hope University will host a multi-book launch celebrating eight new publications from academic staff past and present this month.

Taking place on Friday 26 April in the Eden Arbour Room, the event will showcase research from across the University.

An opportunity to connect with Hope academics in an informal setting, the book launch will be followed by live music and a buffet, for which a contribution of £10.95 is required.

Guests are asked to arrive between 6-7pm, with the book launch due to take place between 7-8.15pm, when each author will present a short summary of their work.

Please RSVP to David Torevell, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of Humanities, to confirm your attendance:

Book details

Professor Simon Lee, Ian Markham and students – The Serendipity of Hope

Influences from our earlier life affect us in various ways. Indeed, it is often the case that the deeper the influence turns out to have been in the long run, the less likely it is that we noticed it at the time it was happening. The book explores the impact of Liverpool Hope University on twenty-five participants, both students and staff, twenty-five years after they worked together.

Dr Susan O’Brien and Carmen Mangion - The Oxford History of British and Irish Catholicism, Volume IV Building Identity, 1830-1913

Taking part in this multi-volume series to chart, analyse and interpret the story of Catholicism across Britain and Ireland from the 1530s to the present day has been a dream project for me.  Our volume, covering 1830 to 1913, is told thematically and inclusively by its eighteen authors and within an overarching framework of ‘building identity’.

Dr David Torevell – Desire and Mental Health in Christianity and the Arts

What is it that we really want and what prevents us from realising it? This book attempts to answer this question by drawing from theological, philosophical and artistic (drama, film, poetry, painting) insights. The text demonstrates why desire continues to grip individuals, society and creative endeavour more generally. It also addresses why confronting this crucial question assists mental health recovery.

Professor Pro Torkington - My Story - Fleeing Apartheid and Landing in Liverpool

My Story - Fleeing Apartheid and Landing in Liverpool is the title of a book about a black woman, born in South Africa during the Apartheid regime and ending up as the first woman Professor in Liverpool Hope University. I know that this is a true story because I am that black woman.

Dr Matthew Barber-Rowell - Curating Spaces of Hope: Towards a political theology of leadership for uncertain times.

This volume is the first book by Dr Matthew Barber-Rowell. It is a response to the multiple crises that are shaping the public square in 21st-century Britain, proposed using a new paradigm and consultative methodology for faith-based organisation: Curating Spaces of Hope. Barber-Rowell takes inspiration from the public theology of Archbishop William Temple, and the political theory of Antonio Gramsci, to develop a political theology of leadership which maps and mobilises the lived experience we each have, rooted in our own beliefs values and worldviews, as a means of curating a movement of hope and transformation in the public square in 21st Century Britain.

Dr Salman Al-Azami – Media Language on Islam and Muslims: Terminologies and Their Effects

This book brings together contributions from ten academics and a commentary from a Muslim community leader on how the British media represent some of the most important terminologies related to Islam and Muslims. It takes a nuanced approach to language within Muslims in the media research by focusing on terminologies. Each contributor in this volume focused on one terminology and its associated words to show how the representation of these terminologies have major implications on the lives of British Muslims. The book also includes some key recommendations on the usage of these terms from the Media Style Guide of the Centre for Media monitoring - a research organisation of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Catalina Montoya Londono: Shaping Peacebuilding in Colombia. International Frames and Spatial Transformation. 

During the second half of the 20th century, Colombia suffered extreme levels of political violence. This book explores the involvement of the international community in peacebuilding efforts in Colombia since 2016. In particular, it examines how interventions were framed in order to promote and sustain their involvement and questions whether these frames reflected reality within Colombia. The book focuses on key donors, including the US, the EU, Canada, Sweden and the UK, as well as multinational actors, such as the UN and the World Bank, to demonstrate how their framing of local issues for national and international consumption can have real world implications for peacebuilding efforts on the ground.

Paul Maul and Cathrine Morris. The Art of Aftermath 

In the summer of 2020, the American artist Tim Maul and the author Catherine Morris agreed to develop a writing project around a set of 35 mm slides he had gifted her from his 1994 commission with the National Library of Ireland. The result is an attempt at an image/writing exchange outside of the positivist “creative” busywork that appeared early in the ongoing pandemic.

Published on 11/04/2024