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Dr Bryce Evans appears on Blue Peter

BBC’s TV show Blue Peter invited Associate Professor Dr Bryce Evans to talk about sweet treats from World War 2 in a guest special.

The programme was guest edited by children’s author Jacqueline Wilson, who is the writer behind much-loved character Tracy Beaker.

Dr Evans shared insights into the types of food available during the war and talked about the introduction of rationing.

He explained how recipes were adapted and unusual combinations of ingredients used to produce foods such as, Economy Cake, Apple and Potato Pudding and Carrot Cookies.

Helping the show’s presenters create Carrot Cookies from scratch, Dr Evans even had the chance to use the show’s famous catchphrase.

He said: “It was fun to deliver the immortal line – ‘Here’s one I made earlier’.”

See Associate Professor Evans in action here (11 mins 45secs)

Published on 20/03/2018