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Dr Clay Gransden shares expertise with Finnish newspaper

The impact of Everton Football Club’s new partnership with the games giant behind Angry Birds, was discussed by Lecturer in Marketing Dr Clay Gransden in one of Finland’s biggest daily newspapers.

Finnish tabloid Helsingin Sanomat asked Dr Gransden to comment on the news that Rovio Entertainment had become Everton’s first shirt sleeve partner.

The Finnish-based company owns the rights to the popular game app Angry Birds, which has become a global phenomenon since launching in 2009.

Speaking to the newspaper, Dr Gransden explained that while Angry Birds doesn’t necessarily strike a chord with all fans, it provides the club with huge international opportunities.  

He commented that featuring the game’s iconic bird logo on the team’s shirt, will help boost brand visibility for both parties.

Dr Gransden said: “Everton and Angry Birds form an unparalleled pair in the Premiership.”

Published on 20/03/2018