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Dr Emma Katz addresses domestic violence in keynote speech

Dr Emma Katz has delivered a keynote speech at the conference ‘Intervening after Domestic Violence’ in Dublin.

Dr Katz, who is becoming a leading voice among young UK scholars on the issue of domestic violence, has previously given keynote talks at conferences in Liverpool, Plymouth and Copenhagen, and was honoured to be included among a line-up of Professors invited to address the conference of over 300 delegates.

At the event, she delivered a warmly received paper on children and coercive control. She concluded that when it comes to domestic violence, we need to move beyond conceptualising ‘the problem’ as children’s exposure to incidents of physical violence between parents.

Instead, ‘the problem’ should be seen as children experiencing family lives dominated by coercive control. Within this, it is vital that the perpetrators of coercive control are recognised as the source of the problem.

Dr Katz’s talk drew on her prize-winning Child Abuse Review article, ‘Beyond the Physical Incident Model’, which has impacted on policymaking and is currently publicly free to download here.

She has also written a number of other papers on the theme, including her most recent in the journal Violence Against Women, which is also currently publicly free to download and is available here.

Dr Katz is frequently invited to give talks and training sessions about domestic violence to organisations across the UK and Ireland, and has delivered eight of these in 2019 so far.

Published on 18/10/2019