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Dr Emma Katz discusses domestic abuse on BBC Radio Merseyside

Dr Emma Katz (Lecturer in Childhood and Youth in the Department of Social Work, Care and Justice) made her first appearance on BBC Radio Merseyside to share her research on domestic abuse.

Dr Katz was the sole guest for a 60 minute slot on the Phillip Rogers show.

Her main message was about the importance of seeking help if you are experiencing any form of domestic abuse, even if the abuse is emotional or financial rather than physical, because no person should have their life controlled and undermined by another.

Dr Katz also argued that perpetrators need to seek appropriate help to stop abusing from Respect accredited perpetrator programmes, rather than turning to services like anger management or marriage guidance where staff are untrained in the dynamics of abuse and are unlikely to be able to deal with the problem.

Her contribution to the show was praised by BBC journalists:

“Thank you for taking part in the domestic abuse radio phone-in yesterday. The response in the office has been fantastic and everyone was really impressed with your input to the discussion. There was a great response from callers too, which is exactly what we wanted! We’d definitely have you on air again”. 

Published on 20/03/2018