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Dr Erin Pritchard highlights the abuse faced by people with dwarfism

Liverpool Hope lecturer in Disability and Education Dr Erin Pritchard featured in the Liverpool Echo this week to highlight how people with dwarfism are treated in society, and wider concerns about online abuse of disabled people. 

Speaking to the Echo’s Paddy Shennan, Dr Pritchard said: "My message to people would be that dwarfism is just another disability.
“You wouldn’t hire out a wheelchair user or a visually impaired person on a stag night to laugh at them, so why are people still doing this sort of thing for dwarfism?
"Do you really think it is acceptable to see someone as a form of entertainment, just because of their disability?
"If you want to think dwarf entertainment is fine, the next time you are walking in the street think about whether you would like it if someone was constantly putting a camera in your face and ridiculing you.”
Dr Pritchard, who has dwarfism, went on to explain some of the ways she has been treated and the impact of social media. 
Image: Liverpool Echo/Colin Lane

Published on 07/02/2019