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Dr Londoño brings British voice to Commonwealth universities conference

Dr Catalina Montoya Londoño, Director of the Archbishop Desmond Tutu Centre for War and Peace Studies, attended an international conference exploring truth-telling and reconciliation throughout the Commonwealth.

Held in Melbourne, Australia, the Commonwealth Peace and Reconciliation Network Scoping Session of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, explored historical injustices faced by indigenous populations and others in those societies where formerly antagonist groups, whether along religious, political, cultural or ethnic lines, must continue to live side-by-side.

Dr Londoño said: “This scoping meeting gave us an opportunity to find common ground around truth-telling and reconciliation agendas, in order to potentially articulate our efforts through joint initiatives and amplify University voices in the Commonwealth.

“During the meeting, we discussed how to forward the work of the network in three interrelated areas: learning and teaching, research networks and impact, and institutional reform. Alex Wright, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), outlined potential ACU support in working towards these aims, including logistical and financial support, mobility grants, and the promotion of academic voice in decision-making forums.” 

Representatives from Kenya, Canada, Malawi, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, India and Sri Lanka attended the event, with Liverpool Hope the only British university participating.  

Published on 16/10/2018