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Dr Neil Buckley joins government advisory team on NHS digitisation

Cryptography specialist Dr Neil Buckley has contributed to a government-backed discussion on the digitisation of the NHS.

The Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow was invited by Head of Computer Science at Swansea University Professor Harold Thimbleby to share his thoughts on security matters surrounding the process.

Professor Thimbleby and a team of 20 individuals, including IT professionals, academics, physicians and GPs were asked to assess the requirements for digitisation and make recommendations to the government.

The discussion followed publication of the government’s Wacher Review, which makes 10 recommendations for the digitisation of the NHS.

Dr Buckley said: “Security is, of course, of concern, as all patient information will be placed onto computer networks. 

“Given my background in cryptography, I made recommendations regarding security, but also about the use of machine learning to better handle the modern complex requirements of patient care.”

Published on 04/05/2018