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Feeling Anxious? Try These Resilience Coaching Sessions

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An award-winning ‘Resilience Coach’ will share her wellbeing tips with Liverpool Hope University students next month - and the sessions might just help you achieve academic success, too.

Gemma Margerison is a professional Resilience and Recovery Coach, as well as the author of new book Connected: The 12 Ways of Wellbeing for a Holistically Healthy Life.

She’s also no stranger to Hope, having studied for a Master’s degree in International Relations here between 2014 and 2017. 

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And now Gemma will return to Hope Park to impart some of her insights - focusing on self-care, self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

She’ll also focus on how to manage the stresses and anxieties that come with university life, particularly on how to stay resilient in the face of impending deadlines and upcoming exams. 

We’ve got TWO sessions booked with Gemma, each lasting around 30 minutes each.

The first will take place via Zoom at 2pm on Wednesday 9th February. Follow this link to join the webinar. 

Meanwhile Gemma will also make an appearance live and in person at 2pm on 16th February, room 006 in the EDEN Building. 

To give you a flavour of what’s in store, late last year Gemma shared ‘9 Wellness Tips’ to help combat the winter blues. 

One of those tips was to get the ‘small things’ right, and use that as the key to unlocking greater successes

She said: “This might sound obvious, but getting the really basic foundations right is really important. Getting enough sleep is a big one. If you’re really tired, sometimes your eating habits go out of whack, and your social habits also change because you’re too tired to be bothered to go and see that person. 

“Your work habits might also change because you’re too tired to put your full effort into something. If you do the basics well, you’ve got something strong to build on. And small changes can make a big difference.”

She also stressed the importance of being ‘present’ in your life, confronting both the good and bad things that might come your way. 

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Gemma added: “No matter whether it’s your finances, your relationships, being in the workplace or simply enjoying the environment around you. If you can, please take a moment to really be present and engaged with what’s going on around you, as this simple act can put you in a much better mindframe. 

“Whether what you experience is good or bad, it’s better to experience it than to be overwhelmed with worry about what’s going to happen next, or to bury your head in the sand while things actually get worse.”

To read more about Gemma’s work, visit her website

Published on 28/01/2022