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Fine Art Lecturers join Scottish exhibit

Fine Art Lecturers Tony Smith and Dr Donal Moloney are taking part in the exhibition ‘Fully Awake’ in Glasgow’s House for an Art Lover.

Featuring work by more than 30 artists, the exhibit celebrates the intergenerational effects of teaching painting and runs until Sunday 19th November.

Curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye, the show invites artists to submit a piece of work and invite two ‘guest’ artists to be presented alongside them; an artist that they have been taught by, and an artist they have taught.

This unorthodox approach creates engaging and surprising relationships between those participating.

Fully Awake is a five-part cycle of exhibitions. This is the second iteration, the first presented at blip blip blip gallery, Leeds, earlier this year.

The cycle of shows eschews thematic, aesthetic or theoretical concerns, but aims to reveal instead much deeper levels of incidental human, personal, psychological connections and occasional rejections between student and teacher.

Published on 20/03/2018