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First prize for Dr Manuella Blackburn’s composition Landline

Senior Lecturer in Music Dr Manuella Blackburn has won first prize in the Musicworks 2018 Electronic Music Composition Contest, with her composition Landline.

This marks only the second time in the contest’s history that a woman composer has won first prize, and the news was announced on International Women’s Day.

“I feel incredibly honoured that my work has been chosen among all these submissions," Dr Blackburn commented. "I'm happy that this news can align with International Women's Day to promote and highlight women composers."

Dr Blackburn refers to her winning piece, Landline, a “time hop” back to an earlier era. “This work is particularly significant to me as when making the music I tried to cultivate a childhood sound memory of an old-style rotary telephone we had in the home.”

Dr Blackburn has been composing for over 12 years and has created a wide range of electroacoustic music works for instruments and electronics, fixed media, sound installation work, music for dance and for film. 

An article about Dr Blackburn will appear in Musicworks 133 (Spring 2019), available by subscription, from Musicworks’ shop, and on select Canadian newsstands (April 1, 2019).

Landline will be included on the Musicworks 133 CD.

Published on 01/04/2019