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Folk archive on display at Liverpool Hope


Liverpool Hope’s Popular Music Resources Centre is currently home to a new archive of folk, blues and traditional music from all over the world.

The vast collection of vinyl, cassettes, CDs and books, a few of which are quite rare, was left to Dr Mike Brocken after the death of friend and music collector Fred McCormick. 

Parts of the Fred McCormick collection are currently on display in four glass cases in the foyer of the Capstone Theatre. A member of Liverpool Hope alumni, Jasmine Scarisbrick, is also in the process of collating and cataloguing the collection. 

Dr Brocken said: “I've already found The Fred McCormick collection a very useful resource for my BBC Folkscene programme and I have based two programmes around it since it came into my possession in late spring. 

“Some of the artefacts have already opened up opportunities for research. I am currently looking into ‘Soul Plays’ in Cheshire, an area of research suggested by an old monograph found in the collection. It almost goes without saying that Fred's archive is full of gems for the popular music researcher and it is a privilege to have it."

Dr Brocken also delivered a paper about the collection at The Traditional Music Forum conference at the Central Library.

The McCormick Collection display will be on display until December 1st.

To find out more about the collection contact Dr Mike Brocken.

Published on 04/06/2019