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Global scholars attend international Thirukkural conference at Hope

Scholars from across the globe have come together at Liverpool Hope to explore the promotion of Thirukkural studies and knowledge, at the Thirukkural Beyond the Frontiers of Tamil India conference.

This second international conference is hosted by the Andrew F. Walls Centre for the study of Asian and African Christianity, in collaboration with the Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai, India. The symposium will focus on the efforts of scholars of non-Tamil origin living in various countries, as well as the migrated Tamils to Tamil diaspora countries.

Among those speaking at the event, is Liverpool Hope’s Vice-Chancellor and Rector Professor Gerald J. Pillay, who will discuss Releasing of the bookLiterature within/across the walls. He will be joined by experts from across the globe, who have travelled from as far as Mauritius, Moscow, India, China, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia.

Running from 27th – 29th June 2018, the conference aims to provide an unbiased international perspective and promote academic research. Papers will include information on the contribution of missionaries and civil servants of various countries, as well as the Tamil diaspora, who are working to promote Thirukkural Studies in their countries of domicile.

The first international conference was held in Nagarkovil in 2017, and the Liverpool 2018 conference forms a prelude to a global conference planned for Paris in 2020.

Thirukkural, composed by Thiruvalluvar some 2,000 years ago in classical Tamil, has acquired over the ages the status of scriptural authority, as a canon informing the behaviour of Tamils in their day-to-day interpersonal relations all over the world.

Published on 07/07/2018