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High praise for History Lecturer Dr Bryce Evans

A keynote address given by Senior Lecturer in History Dr Bryce Evans has been praised by colleagues in the field and members of the public.

Dr Evans’ lecture Famnesia? Famine in Irish Literature at the Great Hunger's Centenary, was well received at Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut.

Grace Brady, Executive Director at the museum, said: “Dr Evans’ lecture was engaging, informative and extremely well regarded by the attendees. 

“In fact, several people commented to me following the lecture that it was the ‘finest event held at the museum since opening’. As a young institution, we strive to develop and offer quality programming, and Dr Evans’ lecture met and exceeded that goal.”

Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum opened in 2012, and aims to collect, preserve, exhibit and study its collection of art, artefacts and literature relating to the Irish Famine/Great Hunger that occurred from 1845–52.

The museum contains the world’s largest collection of Great Hunger-related art by noted contemporary Irish and Irish American artists as well as a number of period paintings by some of Ireland’s most important 19th-century artists.

Published on 20/03/2018