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Hope Academic Celebrates New Edition of Textbook

A Liverpool Hope University academic is celebrating the publication of the tenth edition of a best-selling politics textbook.   

Bill Jones is a Research Fellow at Hope and former Professor of History and Politics, having retired in 2014. 

Back in 1990, he both initiated and co-edited Politics UK, described as an ‘indispensable’ introduction to the political landscape in Britain. 

And now publisher Routledge is readying to release the tenth edition of that definitive book - with no other work on British Politics having achieved such longevity. 

Professor Jones says: “I first had the idea for the book as an inclusive, mega-textbook, a bit like those popular in the USA. 

“And it’s really very satisfying that an idea which popped into my head while eating my lunch should have progressed through more editions than any other textbook on UK politics.”

Describing the contents, the Routledge description reads: “This revised and updated 10th edition of the bestselling textbook Politics UK is an indispensable introduction to British politics. 

“It provides a thorough and accessible overview of the institutions and processes of British government, an excellent grounding in British political history and an incisive introduction to the issues and challenges facing Britain today. 

“With chapters written by highly respected scholars in the field and contemporary articles on real-world politics from well-known political commentators, this textbook is an essential guide for all students of British politics.”

Politics UK is also edited by Philip Norton, Professor of Government at the University of Hull and Lord Norton of Louth, and Dr Isabelle Hertner, of King's College London.

Professor Jones’ contribution to the book includes chapters on everything from the political ideas of the major parties to Euro-scepticism and Brexit.

Hope’s Dr Danny Rye, Senior Lecturer in Politics, also features prominently, with a chapter entitled ‘Political Parties’. 

Three brand new chapters have also been added since the textbook’s last publication - ‘Elites in the United Kingdom’, 'Gender and British politics' and 'UK Immigration policy in hostile environment' while other chapters have been ‘rigorously updated and revised’.

Each edition has also had an ‘And Another Thing’ feature: short essays from distinguished guest authors between each major section. The 10th edition includes contributions from Sir John Curtice, Sir Simon Jenkins and Baroness Julie Smith.

A Routledge spokesperson adds: “It delivers excellent coverage of contemporary events, with significant new material covering: the Johnson premiership and the national challenge of Covid-19, the end of the May premiership and the implementation of Brexit, the Labour Party’s transition from Corbyn to Starmer, infrastructure and innovation, 'fake news', populism and nationalism, the UK’s place in a post-Brexit world, climate change, social mobility and elite recruitment, devolution and regionalism, constitutional strain, the role of political advisers, abuse and incivility in politics and much more.”

For more information, head here.

Published on 27/07/2021